InMoat for Journalists

Quick guide for Journalists

As a journalist, your inbox is prime real-estate for public relations professionals and marketers who are looking to generate some buzz through you. While it obviously be great to be informed of every new trend and upcoming event, it may not actually be necessary, let alone feasible.

You simply don't have enough hours in the day to check your inbox and manually sift through each incoming press release and PR pitch. It's just a complete and utter waste of your time and focus.

At InMoat, our goal is to help journalists clear their inbox of irrelevant PR distractions, so they can win back their time (and sanity!).

How InMoat works for journalists

It's simple! After you sign up with your Gmail or Outlook account, you select your beat(s) and DMA(s). That's it! 

Moving forward, when you receive an incoming email, InMoat will only scan for your unsolicited PR pitches and identify whether they are relevant to your Beat and/or DMA preferences.

If it's relevant, it will remain in your inbox for your immediate attention.

If it's not relevant, InMoat will neatly file it away in your @InMoat folder for your review at a more convenient time.

What about emails from people you know? Not to worry! InMoat's algorithm analyzes your historical email behavior in order to identify known contacts and organizations you frequently interact with. Any email from a Trusted Contact will never be subject to your Smart Filters, and will be left in your primary mailbox for your immediate attention.

Journalist Use Cases

As an example, let's say you're a food & beverage editor for a small local media outlet in Austin, Texas.

Maybe you only care about new restaurants opening up next month, but not necessarily about a new eco-friendly/sustainable energy drink, or any other new food consumer packaged good for that matter. Or vice-versa.

Or perhaps you may want to know about all-things-food-&-beverage, so long as it corresponds with your local market/audience (in this case, Austin, Texas, and Austinites). Otherwise, it's pointless.

Or honestly, maybe you don't want any PR pitches clogging your inbox at all.

Regardless, InMoat has you covered.

With InMoat, you don't have to worry about missing an email from colleagues, associates, or the next big story, because InMoat's Smart Filters clears your inbox of PR content unrelated to your beat and/or market area.

By neatly filing away irrelevant PR pitches out of your inbox and into a folder (which you can always review at a later time), InMoat drastically reduces the time (and stress) spent inside your inbox. Ultimately, allowing you to focus on more important tasks, like writing great stories that matter!

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