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Getting Started with InMoat

Email may be an off-the-shelf-product, but it can not be a one size fits all approach. Everyone has different priorities and therefore will find different types of emails of more or less importance. That’s why we designed InMoat with your priorities in mind.

Here's a quick overview of InMoat’s features to help you get up to speed.
  1. Your Trusted Contacts
  2. About Smart Filters
  3. Your @InMoat Folder
  4. Inbox Insights

Supported Email Service Providers

We currently support integrations with Gmail and Outlook 365. However, if you’re interested in using InMoat for a different email provider (ie:,, etc.), please shoot us a note at and let us know. We’ll add you to our waiting list and send you an early invite when we launch.

1. Trusted Contacts

InMoat’s Trusted Contacts makes it significantly easier to regain control of your inbox by allowing you to decide who deserves your time and attention.

Your Trusted Contacts is a list of your VIP contacts. It consists of individuals and companies that you frequently interact with-- such as your colleagues, clients, vendors, partners, family and friends. Any incoming email from a Trusted Contact will always be left in your inbox for your immediate attention. All other unsolicited emails (newsletters, promotional emails, sales pitches, etc) from unknown senders you receive will be stopped right in their tracks and filtered to your @InMoat folder, so they don't interrupt your focus.

A list of your Trusted Contacts will automatically be generated upon signing up. However, you can always add / remove contacts as your network and priorities change. 

Tip: InMoat continuously checks for patterns with the email addresses you interact with in order to identify new Suggested Contacts, so you don’t have to manually update your list every time. Instead, if a new email address or domain is identified, InMoat will suggest them for your quick approval right inside your dashboard. Easy peasy! 

2. Smart Filters

While InMoat's Trusted Contacts prioritizes the emails from people you know, InMoat’s Smart Filters focuses on managing your incoming unsolicited emails from unknown contacts and companies. Smart Filters give you the power to decide what kind of unsolicited emails may be important to you.

For example, you may want to receive shipment tracking updates on a recent online purchase, but may not care about receiving promotional newsletters from the retailer. Or perhaps you want to get updates on your recently booked flight, but don't have any interest in receiving other flight promotions from the airline.
Or maybe you want to know when one of the apps you commonly use makes a change to their Terms of Service, but may not want to receive their promotional emails about product updates. 

Regardless of your personal preferences, InMoat’s Smart Filters give you the ultimate control over what type of emails are important to you and warrant your time. Thus, removing all the unnecessary distractions from your inbox so you can stay focused.

Types of Smart Filters include payment related emails, travel itinerary updates, shipping notifications, webinar invitations, legal updates, and more. To learn more about which Smart Filters are best for your workflow and priorities, check out our Smart Filters resources.

3. Your @InMoat Folder

As InMoat's Trusted Contacts and Smart Filters prioritize your important emails, you may be asking yourself... "where do all my other emails go?".

Your @InMoat folder! Which is an auto-generated folder that will appear on the sidebar menu inside your inbox. See image below.

The @InMoat folder is where all of your lesser important emails will be neatly filed away, so they don’t clog up your primary inbox and interrupt your work day. By filtering out emails to @InMoat, you can assure that any email that lands in your inbox will be worth your time opening.

Tip: We never delete any of your emails, so you can always check the @InMoat folder to review at your convenience. 

@InMoat Folder in Gmail
@InMoat folder (Gmail View)

4. Inbox Insights

InMoat’s Insights provides a statistical overview of how InMoat is working behind the scenes and enhancing your productivity. 

You can review the total number of emails you received, how many were from Trusted Contacts, how many were relevant to your Smart Filters, how many unwanted emails were cleared from your inbox, and ultimately, how much time you’ve saved from not having to deal with unnecessary email distractions! 

Tip: your Insights will begin to populate inside your dashboard once InMoat starts filtering your emails. To see results, check back 24 hours after signing up.


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