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My free trial expired - how do I upgrade?

To continue using InMoat after your 14 day free trial has expired, you can upgrade your account directly inside your dashboard.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade to a premium InMoat plan.

Step 1. Login in to your InMoat dashboard and go to your “Settings” on the sidebar menu.

Checking your settings in your InMoat dashboard

Step 2. Select “Subscribe to InMoat”

How to subscribe to InMoat in your InMoat dashboard

Step 3. InMoat offers flexible payment plans. Select the plan that best suits you. 

Select an annual or monthly pricing plan to subscribe to in your InMoat dashboard

Step 4. After selecting your plan, you will be routed to our secure payment checkout page, hosted by Stripe*. Enter your billing information and hit 'Subscribe'.

*Stripe is a secure online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe.

Securely subscribe to InMoat via Stripe

Step 5. Stripe will securely process your payment. Once your transaction is successfully processed, you will see a green 'check mark'.

Stripe payment processing

Step 6. After successfully upgrading your account, you will be redirected back your InMoat dashboard, where you will no longer see the red 'Inactive Account’ banner at the top of your dashboard.

InMoat Dashboard

Tip: to check if your status is active, go to your 'Settings' tab inside your dashboard and view the 'Payment Settings' section.

Active InMoat account status
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