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How does InMoat use Google and Outlook permissions?

We take your data and privacy very seriously.

In order for InMoat to help you regain control of your inbox, we ask for permissions to access your Gmail and/or Outlook mailbox.

Gmail and Outlook email permissions

How we use the permissions you grant InMoat

For both Gmail/Outlook, InMoat does not request access to your entire mailbox. Instead, we only ask for the bare minimum of permissions, in order to:

  1. Detect when you receive an incoming email, and whether it's related to your Trusted Sources or Smart Filter(s) preferences.
  2. Create your @InMoat folder, where your unwanted emails will be neatly filed.
  3. Provide basic analytics of your inbox productivity with InMoat.

To learn more about how we use the permissions you grant InMoat, check out our Security page and Privacy Policy.

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