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Emails in my inbox disappear

If you notice a new email arrives in your inbox and it soon disappears, do not worry! All this means is that the respective email was moved to your @InMoat folder as it did not meet your preferences and priorities.

Why does this happen? 

InMoat is not an email service provider (ESP), such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Instead, InMoat is an extension that connects with your existing email service provider. 

So when someone sends you an email, your ESP must deliver the email to you first. Only once after the email is delivered to you can InMoat then scan, tag, and triage your email per your preferences. 

This is how all email applications, extensions, and add-ons operate. It is a standard across the industry in order to protect your email data. Not having this proper protocol in place would be like letting someone open your physical mail before the postal service even delivered it to you!

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