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Suggested Contacts

As a busy professional, your network is constantly growing and evolving. It can be hard to keep your contact list up to date.

That's why InMoat continuously monitors for possible trusted contacts, called Suggested Contacts, based on your email interactions. When a new Suggested Contact is identified, InMoat will present them for your approval.

To view your Suggested Contacts, log in to your account at https://app.inmoat.com/ and go to your Trusted Contacts page. Scroll down past your trusted contacts.

You can either 'Accept All' or 'Dismiss All' suggested contacts at the top of the list. However, for best practice, we recommend that you review all of the suggested contacts before accepting or dismissing all.

You can also 'Accept' or 'Dismiss' contacts individually. Based on your decision, you will then be prompted to confirm your selection.

Manage an individual suggested contact in your InMoat dashboard

Confirmation to accept a user as a trusted contact
Disapprove a suggested contact in your InMoat dashboard

Tip: If you have a long list of suggested contacts, it's much easier to 'accept' the contacts you want to add first, and then Dismissing the remainder of the list.

Suggested Domain Addresses

InMoat will also suggest company domain addresses. When you add a domain address, you are granting any individual with that same domain address to be a Trusted Contact.

For example, let's say you are a customer of the company, Atlassian, and you interact with a handful of account managers, support specialists, etc. InMoat will suggest the domain "@atlassian.com" for you to easily approve, so that you do not have to manually add each and every Atlassian representative that you frequently work with to your Trusted Contacts list.

To confirm a suggested domain address, select 'Accept' and then confirm your decision. (shown in the images below).

Add an entire organization as a trusted contact in your InMoat dashboard
Select 'Accept'
Confirm adding an organization as a trusted contact in your InMoat dashboard
Confirm your Decision

Best practices for adding a domain address

1. Adding a domain address as a Trusted Contact is extremely useful if you interact with multiple contacts from the same company or organization, such as your vendor, supplier, or partner companies, etc.

2. Adding your client's domain address is also good practice. This will ensure that emails coming from your clients company will always remain a priority within your primary inbox.

3. Do not add domain addresses of personal email provider, such as "@gmail.com", "@outlook.com", "@yahoo.com", "@aol.com", etc. This will allow anyone using the same email provider to send you unsolicited emails.

Need more help with your Trusted Sources? 

Contact us at support@inmoat.com.