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Types of Smart Filters

An in depth look into the different types of Smart Filters & how they work.

Types of Smart Filters
  1. Payment Notifications
  2. Legal Updates
  3. Travel Itinerary
  4. Appointment Notifications
  5. Documents to Sign
  6. Shipments & Packages
  7. Webinar Invitations
  8. Personal Finances
  9. Calendar Notifications
  10. Online Merchants

1. Payment Notifications

Nowadays you pretty much need an email address for any purchase you make online as companies need your email address in order to send you your receipts. However, once you provide your email, those same companies will likely add you to their marketing mailing list in order to send you future promotional emails.

How does the Payment Notification Smart Filter work?

It intelligently separates incoming emails by 'notifications regarding your actual purchase and payment' VS other 'promotional' emails.

Email notifications regarding your payment include, but are not limited to, transactional receipts, invoices, bills, payment confirmations, order summaries, overdue payments, and late-fee notices.  

Who should use this Smart Filter?

If you are only concerned about the receipts and notifications regarding your purchase and payment, and not so much of other promotional emails, then this Smart Filter is just for you.

2. Travel itinerary

Much like other online purchases, when you book your travels, you need to provide airlines, hotels, hospitality companies your email address in order for them to send you your receipts and travel itineraries. However, your email is then added to the companies marketing mailing list which is how you end up always receiving non-stop promotional offers about non-stop flights to your random destinations.

How does the Travel Smart Filter work? 

The Travel Smart Filter identifies emails about your upcoming travels; such as hotel & flight booking confirmations, check-in/out notifications, changes and cancellations to your travel itinerary, and leaves them in your inbox for your immediate attention.

As for all other promotional offers from travel companies, such as flight discounts, hotel discounts, vacation deals, travel points rewards & offers, etc, InMoat will move these out of your primary inbox and into your @InMoat folder, so they don't distract your workflow.

Who should use this Smart Filter?

Busy professionals who travel often and need access to only the emails that consist of their upcoming travels.

3. Calendar Notifications

If your profession requires you to collaborate with your clients, different departments, external partners, etc., there's probably a good chance you've used your calendar as a scheduling tool. While sending out a calendar invite is obviously an efficient way for scheduling large group meetings, it does come with a caveat-- your inbox gets flooded with RSVPs from your guestlist.

How does the Calendar Smart Filter work?

The Calendar Smart Filter detects incoming replies to your meeting invitations, and can distinguish them by 'Accepted Invites', 'Declined Invites', 'Tentative' and 'Rescheduled' and/or 'Postponed'.

Who should use this Smart Filter?

Professionals who often schedule meetings for large groups using their calendar, but do not necessarily want to receive every email RSVP. Perhaps, he or she may only care about those who 'decline' their invitations.

4. Appointment Notifications

Whenever you book an appointment online - whether for your doctor's office, barbershop, nail salon, etc - you'll likely need to provide your email address in order to get confirmation of your appointment. But like every other online company, your email will be shared with their marketing department and opt you in to their marketing newsletter campaigns.

How does this Smart Filter work? 

It intelligently detects incoming email updates about your recently scheduled appointments; consisting of, but not limited to, appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, cancellations, and rescheduled appointments.

5. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Updates

How does this Smart Filter work? 

It can detect incoming email updates regarding changes to Terms of Services, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and other legal documentation from the products and services you are actively subscribed too.

6. Request for Signature

How does this Smart Filter work? 

Incoming emails that require your immediate attention and/or signature; such as renewal contracts, and request for signatures, both from individual contacts and via third party e-signature services such as DocuSign and HelloSign, will be quickly detected and left in your mailbox for your immediate attention.

Tip: we recommend having this Smart Filter always selected, so that you do not miss any important notices.

7. Shipments & Packages

How does this Smart Filter work? 

It recognizes incoming emails regarding shipments & packages from orders you recently purchased; such as shipping confirmations, package delivery updates, shipping details and notifications; while excluding promotional offers from the respective shipping company and retailer.

8. Webinars & Virtual Events

Ever since the start of the global pandemic, more and more brands and organizations have invested in virtual conferences and webinars, that included guest speakers and interesting topic discussion, in order to keep their patrons engaged. While this initiative created an exciting opportunity for many remote workers to participate it, it also meant people would see an increase in more unsolicited emails.

How does this Smart Filter work? 

It can detect promotional emails about upcoming webinars, conferences, and virtual events.

Who should use this Smart Filter?

Any individual who does not want to receive promotional emails - such as % discount offers, limited time offers, subscriber-special offers, etc. - from brands they purchase from, but may be keen to hear more about interesting events and webinars they will be hosting.

9. Personal Finances

Personal Finances include your emails from your bank regarding monthly statements, but exclude promotional emails from your bank, such as “points & cash back rewards'. 

10. Calendar Notifications

11. Online Merchants

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