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Why are certain emails being left in my inbox?

Emails left in your primary inbox are emails that InMoat has identified as "important" based on your settings. 

So, if an email is left in your inbox, it is likely due to the one of the following reasons: 

  1. The email is from a Trusted Contact.
  2. The email meets your Smart Filters preferences.
  3. The email is a reply to one of your prior inquiries.

If you think an email was accidentally tagged as “important”, please let us know at

Other types of emails that InMoat identifies as "Important" are:

  • Login credentials (such as a request to change/confirm password, one-time passcodes)
  • Security-related email alerts and notifications (such as sign-in attempts, ID verifications, etc)
  • Direct emails from your email service provider (ESP), such as Gmail or Outlook. 
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