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Why is an important email in my @InMoat folder?

If an important email you were looking for was located in your @InMoat folder, there are a couple steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t happen again. 

1. Check to see if the sender of the email was from a Trusted Contact. 

If the sender was NOT already a Trusted Contact, this can be an indicator as to why the email was moved to your @InMoat. 

To ensure you do not miss any emails from this contact moving forward, you should add them to your Trusted Contacts right away. Check out how to add/remove Trusted Contacts here.  

2. If the sender was not a Trusted Contact, check your Smart Filters selection. 

As a friendly reminder: emails that are moved to your @InMoat folder are emails deemed irrelevant or unimportant based on your preferences. Therefore, if the email has nothing to do with the smart filters you’ve selected, this explains why the email was moved to your @InMoat. 

To make sure the types of emails you want to prioritize do not end up in your @InMoat folder, review your Smart Filter options and select all that are necessary to your workflow and priorities. 

3. *If you believe an important email meets your Smart Filter requirements yet was incorrectly moved to your @InMoat, please let us know ASAP at