Email Made for Journalists

AI-powered Smart Filters with pitch-detection technology designed for Journalists. Stop wasting hours per day sorting through hundreds of unwanted & irrelevant PR emails and press releases.

Personalized for Your Coverage

Intelligently organize and filter unwanted email from your inbox with any combination of selectable Beat and DMAs that you need. No need to sort through non-relevant pitches again!

Prioritize Key Contacts

Automatically surface important emails from trusted contacts, clients, newsrooms and more to your inbox. Allowing you to focus on what matters.

Focus on Journalism,
Not Your Inbox

Spend more time focusing on your next story or article as InMoat intelligently detects and deflects unwanted email distractions from your inbox.
A woman opening her 1 unread email
A Magnifying Glass Symbolizing Pitch Detection Technology

Pitch Detection

Automatically avoid unwanted PR Pitches and newsletters with Intelligent Pitch detection technology.

Trust Based Inbox

InMoat intelligently identifies, learns, and suggests key contacts in your network to ensure you never miss an important email.
A woman opening her 1 unread email

Your Inbox
for Your Coverage

Select any combination of beats or DMAs  that you cover and InMoat will intelligently identify and surface relevant PR pitches and News Releases to your inbox.
Select Your Email Priorities for Email Smart Filtering

Beat Selection

Select any of the 42+ the beats you cover to ensure any pitches relevant to your beats are delivered to your inbox.
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Unsolicited Email Detection

Your DMAs

Choose any of the Nielsen 210 DMA regions to keep your inbox productive and focused on your coverage.
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Email on Your Schedule

Don’t go chasing inbox zero, and start living ‘Inbox Zero-Distractions’.

Allow your inbox to promote productivity by minimizing interruptions in your day as unwanted emails are moved to a new folder within your inbox.
A woman opening her 1 unread email
InMoat works from within your inbox

Work inside your inbox

Nothing to download or install. Toggle between your primary inbox and @InMoat folder inside any email app or client.
InMoat Automatically Filters Email

@InMoat Folder

Emails filtered and moved by InMoat will be sent to your @InMoat folder, available to review at a time that works for you.
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