Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about InMoat and gain answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
General Questions
What is InMoat?

InMoat is an email productivity application that syncs with your existing email to help you regain control over your inbox.

InMoat helps you better manage your inbox and time by filing away all the unimportant emails you receive (ie: newsletters, sales pitches, etc) -- ultimately leaving your inbox with only the important emails that require your attention.

How does InMoat work?

InMoat leverages artificial intelligence to detect your unsolicited emails, identify whether they’re relevant to your priorities based on your Smart Filter preferences, and then neatly files away your irrelevant and unwanted emails, so you're left with a clean inbox.

What are Smart Filters?

Smart Filters are intelligent email filters that are powered by InMoat’s AI-engine. Our Smart Filters leverage natural language processing (NLP) to understand the context of your unsolicited emails, and identifies whether they are relevant and important to your priorities.

InMoat offers a variety of Smart Filters to select from, so you can truly have control over the type of emails that land in your inbox. To learn more about our different types of Smart Filters, click here. 

What is the @InMoat folder?

The @InMoat folder is where all of your unwanted emails will be rerouted to, so they do not clutter your main inbox.

After signing up, the @InMoat folder can be found on the sidebar menu inside your actual mailbox.

What are Trusted Contacts?

Trusted Contacts are your VIP and known contacts, such as your friends, family members, coworkers, clients, and individuals you frequently interact with via email. InMoat will automatically identify your Trusted Contacts, however, you can always add/remove contacts as your network changes.

Any email that comes from a Trusted Contact will always be left in your primary inbox for your immediate attention. They will never be analyzed by your Smart Filters.  

How does InMoat identify my Trusted Contacts?

InMoat’s algorithm analyzes your email behavior, specifically looking for patterns of email addresses and domain addresses that you frequently interact with, in order to identify whether they are likely a known and trusted contact.

How is InMoat different from my SPAM filter?

Traditional SPAM filters are designed to catch malicious emails, such as phishing and virus-infected emails, and stop them from making it into your inbox.

InMoat focuses solely on the emails that make it through your SPAM filters and into your inbox, such as real unsolicited sales pitches or marketing newsletters you’ve previously subscribed to.

Note: InMoat should never be a replacement for your SPAM filter. Instead, InMoat complements your SPAM filter to provide you with the best inbox experience.

What email providers does InMoat work with?

Currently, InMoat syncs with Gmail/G-Suite and Microsoft Outlook accounts.

We’re working on integrations for other email providers, such as, etc. If you’re interested in utilizing InMoat, but do not have a Gmail or Outlook account, please contact us at and let us know. We’ll add you to our waiting list and send you an early invitation when we launch! 

Does InMoat read or save my emails?

InMoat will never scan the content of emails coming from your Trusted Sources.

InMoat’s AI will only scan for your unsolicited emails, and analyze the text in order to determine whether they are relevant to your Smart Filter preferences.

Most importantly, your emails never leave your email provider’s servers, so InMoat will never save nor store any of your emails. Additionally, none of InMoat’s employees have access to read, see, save, nor store your email data.

If you would like to learn more about how InMoat uses your email data, see our Security Page.

Will InMoat delete my emails?

InMoat will never delete any of your unwanted emails. Once InMoat is integrated into your existing Gmail or Outlook account, a new folder will be created called @InMoat. Any unwanted email that gets scanned and filtered away from your inbox will be automatically placed in the @InMoat folder and not your trash can.

How much does InMoat Premium cost?

The cost of InMoat is $6/month (when billed annually).

We also offer month-to-month billing with no commitments for $9/month.

Learn more about our pricing plans here

Does InMoat have a free trial?

When you first sign up for InMoat for Free, you will be able to trial Premium features for a limited time.

Click here to sign up for InMoat.

How does InMoat know which emails are a priority for me?

Great question - we’re glad you asked!

At InMoat, we believe that email is not a one-size-fits-all-approach. Everyone is different and has different priorities. That’s why we developed various Smart Filters that you can choose from based on your workflow and needs.

Unlike other email management applications, InMoat does not assume to know what is/isn't a priority for you. We let you decide by choosing Smart Filters that meet your needs and preferences. 

Does InMoat work on desktop?

Yes, InMoat works on your email desktop client, as long as your email service provider is Gmail or Outlook.

InMoat for Journalists
What is InMoat for Journalists?

InMoat for Journalists uses the InMoat AI-Powered smart filtering specifically for the PR, Journalist, and Editorial industry. With specific beats and DMAs to select from, InMoat for Journalists allows you to supercharge your email inbox by filtering out non-relevant unsolicited and unwanted emails. You’re left with pitches, stories, and content relevant to you.

How does InMoat for Journalists work?

Using AI-Powered pitch detection technology alongside selectable DMA and Beats, InMoat is able to confidently categorize unsolicited and unwanted emails you’re receiving.

What beats does InMoat cover?

InMoat supports over 40 selectable Beats to choose from. After selecting a Beat, InMoat will use your selection to confidently organize your inbox using the pitch detection and inboxing smart filtering.

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What DMAs does InMoat cover?

InMoat for Journalists includes all standard United States DMAs including New York City, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and more. Need a custom DMA? No problem – let us know!

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