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InMoat lets you take control of your inbox by managing incoming emails based on your priorities. Maintain focus, take back time, and be more productive.
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Important Emails

Not-So-Important Emails

An email inbox showing Important Emails in the inbox and unimportant Emails filtered to the @InMoat folderAn inbox showing Important Emails in the inbox and Not Important Emails Filtered in the @InMoat folderA mobile inbox showing InMoat keeps important emails stay in your inbox and unimportant emails are filtered to a new folder to be reviewed later.

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Get Free Custom Email Filters for Your Workflow

Focus on Your Email Priorities

A scanner filtering incoming emails

Smart Filters that
Work for You

Select the types of emails that are important to you and never miss a beat. InMoat's Smart Filters make it easy.

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An email inbox with emails from Trusted Contacts and Others

Your VIP List of
Trusted Contacts

Emails from within your organization such as your boss and colleagues are always going to be prioritized by default.
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A magnifying glass scanning and filtering emails to the @InMoat folder

Email Folders

Review the non-so-urgent and less-important emails when it is convenient for you — so you're not wasting time in the middle of your workflow.
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An email secured with a lock showing it is encrypted
Stop Chasing Unread Emails

Take Control of Your Inbox

No more chasing Inbox Zero and 0 Unread Emails. Focus on important emails and filter out the clutter to be reviewed when it is convenient for you -- not in the middle of your workflow.
An Inbox that Evolves with You

Your InMoat Dashboard

Keep your inbox up-to-date by managing your email priorities from your InMoat dashboard. Review your suggested contacts to add to your Trusted list, update your Trusted Contacts, and update your Smart Filter selection.
A computer with the InMoat Dashboard loaded
An email secured with a lock showing it is encrypted
Enterprise-Level Security

Your Data, Your Privacy

InMoat’s Smart Filters operate at the time an unsolicited email is received by your inbox and never stored on our servers.

Only unsolicited emails are scanned and matched against your Smart Filter selection. InMoat uses a secure connection to Outlook and Gmail using OAth2 and industry-leading encryption.

InMoat's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

To learn more about how InMoat uses your email data, read our security overview.
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