Simple & transparent pricing

Get started for free. Upgrade when you're ready.
For anyone who needs help with managing new incoming emails
$0 forever
60+ pre-built email filters
Email Filtering (1,000 emails/mo.)
Trusted Contacts (Up to 50)
Auto-labels & triage
Inbox Search (90 day email history)
Productivity Insights & Analytics
Get Started Free
No credit card required 🎉
For personal email users who want to clear the clutter and keep it clean
Everything in free, plus:
Unlimited Email Filtering
Unlimited Trusted Contacts
Full inbox search history
Inbox Deep Cleaner
One-click Bulk Actions
3 custom filter requests
Email Support
Get Started Free
No credit card required 🎉
For business email users who need personalized rules for their workflows
Everything in Personal, plus
10 custom filter requests
Personal Onboarding
Priority Support
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No credit card required 🎉

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Gmail & Outlook Integration
Pre-built Smart Filters
Personalized Email Filtering
Up to 1,000 emails
per month
Custom Filter Requests
Trusted Contacts
Inbox Deep Cleaner
90 day history
Full Search History
Full Search History
Auto-labels & Sorting
Inbox Insights & Analytics


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Does InMoat have a free plan?

Yes! You can use InMoat for free through our Free plan. Upgrade whenever you're ready.

Does InMoat offer monthly plans?

No, InMoat only offers annual subscriptions through the Personal and Professional plan.

Which plan is best for me?

If you receive many emails a day and need support handling them, the Free plan is ideal. The Free plan is perfect for individuals who spend too much time trying to organize emails as they come in.

However, if you're also looking to clean your inbox of all the old clutter, then either one of paid plans (Personal or Professional) is your best option. With the paid plans, you can effortlessly clean your inbox and keep it clean and organized moving forward.

What's the difference between the Personal vs. Professional paid plans?

If you're using a personal email account such as a or (includes:,, and other free email domains by Microsoft) for everyday life, then Personal plan is the best option. InMoat's filters are perfectly designed for common, everyday priorities and use cases.

If you're using a work email account (eg. or using email for work correspondence, the Professional plan is the best option you'll be able to request personalized filters tailored to your specific workflow and work priorities.

How does InMoat process my payment?

We process all payments securely through our payment provider, Stripe. To learn more about how Stripe handles payments, go to

Can I transfer my InMoat subscription to another email account I own?

To switch your InMoat subscription to a different email address, contact us at

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