Give your inbox a deep clean.

Struggling with email overload? InMoat makes it easy to clear the clutter in a hassle- and stress-free way, so you can give your inbox the clean slate it deserves.
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Important Emails

Not-So-Important Emails

An email inbox showing Important Emails in the inbox and unimportant Emails filtered to the @InMoat folderAn inbox showing Important Emails in the inbox and Not Important Emails Filtered in the @InMoat folderA mobile inbox showing InMoat keeps important emails stay in your inbox and unimportant emails are filtered to a new folder to be reviewed later.
When you have cluttered inbox, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Cleaning it out can take days, weeks, or even months.

Some gather the courage to bulk delete everything for a fresh new start (all the power to them!), but others may be reluctant to pull the trigger so fast, and rightfully so. Bulk deleting emails in order to quickly reset your inbox does technically work, but what if you accidentally delete something important?

Enter InMoat: a fast, painless, stress-free solution to cleaning out your inbox once and for all.
Get to Inbox Zero
Step 1.

Email organization on autopilot

Don’t waste time manually sifting through old emails. Let InMoat auto-scan and group your emails for you.
A set of tiles, each labeled with the name of a category and the number of emails in that category. One tile is highlighted, labeled "Account Notices: 403."
Step 2.

Review Categories

View your emails in beautifully organized categories and sub-categories that make sense to you, so you don’t have to do it all by hand.
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Step 3.

Keep only what you need

Dont worry about deleting the things you dont need, just keep the things you do need.

Easily move whats important to folders of your choice and/or archive them for your records, all so they're cleared from your primary inbox view.
Step 4

Let InMoat clear out the rest

Bulk move all the emails you no longer need to the Trash folder in just a couple clicks! 

Sit back, relax, and let InMoat do the heavy lifting.
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Step 5

Come home to a clean inbox again

✨ Alas, celebrate inbox zero! 🎉

Although you may have 0 unread emails, your inbox can slip away again in an instant. Put your email management on auto-pilot and keep your inbox clean forever. Learn more about ongoing Email Organization.
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Inbox Cleaner FAQ

Can I clean my inbox on the Free plan?

Since bulk cleaning is often a one-time thing, it is not available on the Free plan. To bulk clean your inbox, upgrade to InMoat's paid plan.

How many emails can InMoat clean out?

Whether you have 50 emails or 50,000, InMoat will scan your entire inbox.

Does InMoat scan emails that are already in my mailbox folders?

No. We'll never scan for emails that have already been placed in folders. InMoat only scans emails in your primary mailbox.

For Gmail users, this includes your Primary, Promotion, Social, Forums, etc.
For Outlook users, this includes your 'Focused Inbox' and 'Other'.

What if I accidentally delete something important?

Don't worry - InMoat never deletes any emails! We only move emails you don't want to the 'trash' folder in your mailbox. You can always retrieve an email from your 'trash' within 30 days.

How long does it take to see changes reflected within my actual inbox?

Depending on how many emails you've selected when performing a bulk action, it can take a few seconds to minutes.
You'll notice the total count of emails in your inbox gradually decreasing as you refresh.

Where can I get more information?

To learn more about how to clean your inbox, check out our knowledge base here.

Clean your inbox once and for all

What are you waiting for? Give yourself the fresh new start to email that you deserve.