A laptop with email protected by a moat

Save Time
From Email 

InMoat's email extension automatically deflects email distractions according to your priorities. Take back time and focus on more important tasks in your day.

A moat for your inbox

A moat protecting a computer
Gain 26* extra minutes per day with InMoat which intelligently moves distractions out of your inbox.

InMoat sorts your email for you:
• Important emails are prioritized in your inbox.
• Distractions are moved to your @InMoat folder.
*Based on an average of 25 unimportant emails received per day with each unwanted email resulting in 63 seconds of focus time lost.

Make InMoat work for you

Prioritize Key Contacts

Emails from coworkers, clients, vendors, associates, and other trusted contacts are prioritized in your inbox.
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An inbox filtered by prioritized contacts
Emails categorized by personalized smart filters

Personalized Smart Filters

Never miss an important email and streamline your workflow by selecting smart filters to automate your inbox.
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Your @InMoat Companion

Just like an assistant sorting your mail - InMoat will move your distractions to the @InMoat smart folder.
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Email distractions being sent to the @InMoat folder

Stop Email 

Your Data and Privacy

An email with a secure privacy lock
Your emails are never stored, saved, and copied to our server. InMoat’s Smart Filters operate at the time an unsolicited email is received by your inbox.

Only unsolicited emails are scanned and matched against your Smart Filter selection. Emails from Trusted Sources are never scanned. InMoat uses a secure connection to Outlook and Gmail using OAth2 and industry-leading encryption.

To learn more about how InMoat uses your email data, read our security overview.
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