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5 Top Gmail Extensions to Enhance Productivity

Supercharge your inbox productivity with these 5 Gmail extensions, add-ons, and tools.

With billions of email users around the world, many use Gmail as their go-to inbox. With a bunch of great features and filters for productivity, Gmail is good at keeping us productive out-of-the-box.

But there is a lot that Gmail can’t do that leaves us wanting more. In this post, we will detail a list of some of the best productivity Gmail extensions and add-ons to keep you focused throughout your day as you work through your inbox. We hope you can try a few of these extensions to supercharge your Gmail experience.

Todoist for Gmail 

We’ve already covered how effective to-do lists are at keeping us productive, so it’s no surprise to see Todoist develop a Gmail extension for its 25 million users. With Todoist for Gmail, you’re able to take advantage of the fact that a lot of to-do list tasks are tied to email communications. Todoist’s extension makes it easy to add specific emails as tasks, help triage your inbox, and even set reminders to review key emails at a later time. With built-in due dates, reminders, and priority flags, Todoist for Gmail is a great way to enhance your productivity right from within your inbox.

Todoist for Gmail

Zapier for Gmail

Zapier has become the go-to platform for automating thousands of apps together to eliminate manuals tasks that people and small businesses rely on and Zapier for Gmail, Zapier’s Gmail Add-on, is no different. The productivity options are endless as Zapeir for Gmail enables you to automatically send currently open emails to a variety of apps. Create a new card in Trello, a task in Asana, a new note in Evernote, and much more.

Zapier for Gmail

InMoat - Stop Email Distractions

There is nothing worse than losing your focus due to emails flooding your inbox only to find that only a fraction of the emails were truly important. InMoat’s automated email filters are a great way to enhance your Gmail experience by allowing you to select your email priorities so you’re left with an inbox that focuses on the emails that are important to your workflow. InMoat allows you to select from a handful of email Smart Filters that include Calendar Invites, Travel Itineraries, Financial Updates, and many more. Everything else, such as email newsletters, promotional content, and cold outreach will be placed in a new folder labeled @InMoat in your inbox that you can review when it is convenient for you. InMoat’s Gmail extension puts your email on autopilot so you know that if something reaches your inbox, it’s worth reading.

InMoat Stop Email Distractions

Grammarly For Chrome

While not an official Gmail extension, Grammarly’s Google Chrome addon-on is used by millions of users to write better emails. With Grammarly set up on your Google Chrome browser, you can enjoy AI-Powered writing suggestions that not only correct spelling and grammatical errors, but discover word recommendations that align with your email recipients in mind. Grammarly helps your stay productive by eliminating both common and complex writing issues while making you a better, and more productive, writer. 

Grammarly Add-On

Trello for Gmail

Millions of people use Trello to collaborate, manage projects, and enhance their productivity workflow. Trello’s Gmail Extension, Trello for Gmail, helps you turn your email into a project management tool by allowing you to create Trello cards directly from your inbox to your Trello board. Whether you’re tracking sales leads or customer service inquiries, Trello for Gmail makes it easy to turn your inbox into a task-based workflow.

Trello for Gmail

Gmail Extensions and Add-ons Summary

Your inbox is a critical part of your workflow and where you get work done. Email is far more than a means of communication, it is a tool used for project management, collaboration, organization, and much more. We have detailed 5 great Gmail Extensions and Gmail Add-ons that you can take advantage of to enhance your email productivity and Gmail experience. 

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