Email Productivity in The Open - Part 1

Email Productivity and evolving, and so is InMoat. Learn more about how InMoat has evolved over recent months with a special off to celebrate SumoDay with AppSumo.
Email Productivity in The Open - Part 1
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Our Early Days of Email Productivity

When we originally started development for InMoat, our core concept was focused on helping Journalists deflect the dozens of unwanted and unsolicited PR Pitches and News Release emails that clogged their inboxes. By understanding the pain points of one core audience, it allowed us to stay focused to develop Smart Filters that worked for their email needs and priorities. 

Our Journalist product continued to evolve and so did our understanding of the average email user. Naturally, our team continued to test updates to our algorithm, as well as new Smart Filters and features while challenging the idea that InMoat could serve the needs of the average email user. It became clear that not only could we help Journalists regain control of their inboxes, but we could also help the average email user as well. 

Over the next few months, we continued to beta test a variety of Smart Filters with friends, family members, and past colleagues to better understand what emails are important?. While many of us are likely to prioritize calendar invites and notifications about bank transfers, not all users share the same email priorities. It became clear that a one-size-fits-all approach to email organization and productivity would not work. 

InMoat V1 was launched at the end of the Spring by allowing users to select their email priorities from a predefined list. By giving users control over what types of incoming emails are important to them, we were confident that we could help people be more productive in their inboxes.  While off to a rocky start with server timeouts and mobile usability issues, InMoat wasn’t only working, it was helping people gain back time in their day.

Email Productivity is Evolving

People’s needs are always evolving, so their inboxes should reflect that. While in its current state InMoat is helping email users focus on important emails, we think InMoat can do a lot more in helping people maintain a healthy relationship with their inbox by spending less time in it and checking it less. 

Over the next several months we will be hard at work developing new and exciting features that will give users even greater control over their incoming email. Tools that will help in email labeling, additional filter options, and many more Smart Filters to choose from. 

The App Big Leagues

While we stay focused on developing the next version of InMoat we want to continue to gather feedback from email users to continue our mandate on bringing email productivity to the masses. What better way to gather user feedback than bring on new users with a massive sale?

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with AppSumo, the leading digital services, and goods deals site, to offer lifetime access to InMoat for only $19. Not $19 a month, or a year, just $19. There is no catch and it is completely refundable within 60 days for any reason.

If you are ready to take your email productivity to the next level by enabling easy-to-use email Smart Filters, then head over to AppSumo to purchase lifetime access to InMoat.