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How to set up email rules in Outlook

How to manually set up email rules and folders in Outlook 

Outlook rules are a great way to manually create rulesets to filter your incoming email. With some work and ongoing maintenance, you can set up your Outlook inbox to automatically stay organized leaving you with a productive inbox. 

In this example, you will learn how to create an Outlook rule to automatically apply specific incoming promotional emails to a new folder.

  1. Login to!
  2. Click Gear Icon and then click on View all Outlook settings
Go to Outlook Settings

  1. Select the Mail and then click on Rules
Add a new email rule in Outlook

  1. Click Add new rule 
  2. Input the name for your rule

Be sure to give the rule a name that describes what the rule does. 

Create a Rule for Outlook

  1. Select “from” under Add a condition
  2. Input the email address that you want to create the rule for
Selecting a condition for a rule in Outlook

  1. Select Move to and then click select a folder to move all incoming emails to an existing folder or create a new one 

In this example, we will create a new label for Uber Eats Summary emails in case we want to review these emails in the future. Click Create after entering the name of the new label. You will see a new folder has been created in your inbox.

Moving email for an Outlook rule

  1. Click Save

Optionally, if you want to apply this rule and move all existing emails to your new folder, check the box “Run rule now”.

Creating manual email rules is a great way to organize your Outlook inbox to tackle unwanted emails from distracting you. Unfortunately, manually creating rulesets and folders in Outlook can take a lot of time requiring regular maintenance. InMoat’s Automated Smart Filters evolve with your inbox and are automatically applied based on your email priorities. No need to worry about complex configurations of filters. To learn more about how InMoat can help you gain control of your inbox, check out an overview of InMoat Features.

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