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The Best Email Tools For 2021

The best mobile and desktop email clients for 2021

The growth of the remote workforce in 2020 proves that while technologies may come and go, email is here to stay. Email remains an important form of communication for businesses and individuals alike, and it shows no sign of slowing in 2021. 

Although familiar favorites like Gmail and Outlook are still popular, new email clients have also stepped in to cater to specific user needs. You can now pick and choose from different movers and shakers based on customizability, ease-of-use, flexibility, and accessibility. 

To give you a better idea of what kind of feature sets are out there, we look at some of the best mobile and desktop clients out there to give you a leg up in 2021. 

3 mobile email clients to look out for

Getting the best mobile email client is critical if you’re a working professional that stays up to date on the go. 


There’s a reason why more than 1.5 billion people use Gmail. Google’s email client provides effective spam filtering, a no-nonsense and user-friendly layout, and compatibility with G Suite—all at no cost to the user. 

Gmail’s popularity arguably hinges on it being free, however. Organizations needing more storage, features, and connectivity will inevitably need to fork out for the privilege. Google offers its G Workplace suite (including apps like Docs, Meet, and Chat) as a complete package for more resource-hungry businesses. The expense here is what causes users to seek out other alternatives. 


Spark is an email client that embodies the move to leaner, smarter inboxes. The inbox offers a centralized view of emails from all accounts and categorizes them on behalf of the user. 

Options to snooze emails and a very efficient search option make it an ideal choice for intricate organizations. The pricing is approachable as well, with free and affordable premium options for smaller teams. 


ProtonMail is ideal for organizations concerned about privacy and security. As an email client, it offers users anonymity and provides end-to-end encryption to help prevent the leaking of private information. ProtonMail works by only allowing select recipients the option to decrypt and read emails, providing organizations managing sensitive material solid peace of mind.

Best of all, it’s free for personal use. Larger organizations will have to pay a subscription.

Powerful desktop clients integral for business 

The best desktop email clients are essential to enterprises. They provide users with robust email features and the option to view emails offline. 

Microsoft Outlook

Although also accessible on mobile, Microsoft’s classic email client is a desktop workhorse for countless enterprises worldwide. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite and Calendar makes it the go-to option for many organizations. 

Its ace in the hole may very well be its no-fuss approach to emails, where its interface favors simplicity. Despite the client itself not being feature-rich, Outlook’s ongoing affordability seals the deal for most enterprises. 


Feature-laden email clients aren’t for everyone, and those tired of Gmail’s clutter will find a lot to like in Superhuman. Designed primarily with speed in mind, Superhuman intends to transform disorganized emailers into power users. 

It achieves its lofty goals by not only being fast to load but by encouraging users to rely on keyboard shortcuts. Artificial intelligence is also implemented to learn from users and triage emails more effectively on their behalf over time. 

Unfortunately, productivity in this case comes at a cost. Superhuman is only available as a monthly subscription, so users expect to pay $30 a month and are required to spend time on a waiting list to do so. 


Mailbird, available in both Personal and Business versions, is an email client making waves inbox devotees everywhere due to its customizability. Despite demanding a small subscription fee, Mailbird pretties up inboxes with a selection of eye-catching themes and impressive customizability.  

Another plus for Mailbird is its impressive app integration. Seamless access to social media and software like Slack, Google Docs, and Facebook makes all the difference for businesses looking to cut the fat from workflows. A lack of filter and rule support means that rather than streamline some processes, some are made slower.

Take your email clients to the next level

It can be tough finding the perfect client for your needs, but the rewards often outweigh the cost. But efficiency doesn’t end there. Optimize your inbox further with smart filters and take your productivity above and beyond.

By automatically integrating with your email client of choice, InMoat intelligently identifies urgent and non-urgent emails. Request a demo now and see how InMoat can make 2021 a powerhouse year for you.

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