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Top Email Tools to Improve Your Business’ Productivity

Small businesses are always looking for new ways to drive growth and improve productivity. A lot of small business owners would agree that the best way to increase your business’ productivity is by utilizing the right tools. The following blog post will detail a list of the top email tools that small businesses can take advantage of to stay organized, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.


It’s been said that email is the bane of many small business owners and entrepreneurs. It can be a time suck, an interruption to their day, and a major drain on their productivity. InMoat is an email extension that gives email users control over their inbox by allowing them to select their email priorities so they can focus on important emails and be more productive. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to filter out unwanted sales emails or an online store owner who wants to keep track of inventory management and shipping notifications, InMoat has you covered.

With InMoat enabled, you can rest easy knowing that any email that lands in your inbox is important and worth reading. All of the other unimportant and non-urgent emails will be filtered away to a new @InMoat folder in your inbox to be reviewed at a later time.


It has never been easier to manage your companies support@ or sales@ shared email inboxes than with Front. Front gives you a single and effective view that lets you assign a group of users to a shared inbox with defined owners, grant visibility into email threads, as well as delegate and assign tasks to conversations. Think of Front as email support supercharged with effective project management capabilities. 

With Front, you will never drop the ball when it comes to managing a busy shared email address focused on customer experience. If you want to continue top-of-the-line email support and customer service while improving productivity, then give Front a try.


If you’re often buried in dozens of browser tabs, managing a handful of apps on the go, and constantly switching accounts, then you need to try Shift. Shift is a desktop application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that brings all of your favorite apps into one place. No scrolling through desktops, tabbing between applications, or having to log in and out again. Not only do you have access to over 1,200 apps to connect to, but Shift lets you develop a workflow that fits your needs, and gives you access to create and share focused workspaces.

You will be able to enjoy more productivity and focus by managing all of your email accounts and critical apps in one place. 


EmailAnalytics visualizes your email activity -- or that of your team. It automatically tracks and calculates email response time, emails sent & received, email traffic by hour of the day, and much more. It's essential for teams that use email, and particularly useful for teams that rely on fast responses, such as sales and customer service teams. Conveniently, it sends you a daily or weekly activity summary so you can keep tabs on your team's email activity without ever leaving your own inbox.


Staying on top of your business and sales relationships can be a lot of work. The same goes with maintaining and keeping your CRM up-to-date. Introducing Copper, the Google recommended CRM that operates directly out of your inbox. By integrating directly with your Google Workspace and Chrome, you’re able to manage your relationships, have visibility into all of the activity on a lead or customer, update deals, and much more. What makes CopperCRM great is that it has no learning curve. If you know how to manage your Gmail inbox, then you know how to use Copper.

Enjoy more productivity when it comes to managing your customers and sales leads with Copper.


If you feel like you could use a scheduling assistant when it comes to your inbox, then look no further. Boomerang is a Gmail extension and Chrome addon that makes email reminders, follow-ups, writing, and scheduling a breeze. Plus, with Boomerang’s respondable, you can gain insights into your email copy, subject strength, and more. Boomerang introduces a handful of features that you wished you had in Gmail such as the functionality to schedule to send an email later, automatic reminders if you haven’t heard back from someone you’ve emailed, and one-click calendar scheduling supercharge your inbox.  

With Boomerang you can stay on top of replying to emails by conveniently and intelligently setting reminders and scheduling emails to go out later. No need to worry about sending emails after-hours with Boomerangs scheduler.


68% of teams spend most of their time on email yet just 20% of them are actually collaborating from their inbox. Gmelius is looking to bridge the gap by introducing project management by giving users the ability to integrate, automate, and collaborate with their team directly from their Gmail inbox. With Gmelius you can define user groups who you can tag by simply @mentioning them directly in an email thread. You can say goodbye to copy and pasting the same emails by using Gmelius’ configurable smart templates. Finally, never miss an important email assignment by managing your team’s tasks with an intuitive kanban board built directly into your inbox. 

Take your team’s project management to the next level with Gmelius feature-rich offering without having to leave Gmail. Gain the power of a virtual assistant and evolve from Google groups.


Send email with Ease with Hive

Hive is more than just your classic project management software -- it's the future of work productivity. Hive brings all of your workplace tools to one single dashboard, so you can manage projects, chat with coworkers, start Zoom calls, and even send emails without ever leaving the platform. To boost your email productivity, Hive lets you link your GMail or Outlook account to your Hive dashboard, so you access your inbox, send new emails, and sync calendar events all in one single place. Are you someone who loses tasks among your crowded inbox? Hive has a solution for that too, letting users turn any email into an action card, where you can set a due date and assign the task to yourself or someone else.

Enhance Your Businesses Productivity Today

Your time is limited, so finding the right tool to improve your business’ productivity can be an overwhelming task. Whether you are looking for improved project management, email scheduling, or CRM support, we’ve covered a handful of options to take your businesses email productivity to the next level. 

It is important that you don’t ignore your own inbox. You might be surprised to find that you don’t have the time or energy for all of your email inbox tasks. That is why we recommend you try InMoat, the email extension that gives you control of your inbox by allowing you to select your email priorities. If you’re ready to tame your inbox and save hours per week, then sign up for InMoat’s 14 day free trial.

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