Why is email so broken?

Email has been around from the beginning.
Time for it to catch up.

You’ve outgrown your inbox.

Like it or not, email has worked its way into the important parts of your life. Your work, your appointments, your finances, your hobbies—if you need to know it, you’ve probably got an email about it.

Email isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your life is unique, and your inbox needs to be too.

But tailoring your inbox is tougher than it sounds.

For example, you know you always want to hear from your connections on LinkedIn, so you send every LinkedIn email to your inbox. Suddenly you’re flooded with sales pitches from robots.

You know you’re sick of seeing newsletters, so you filter out everything with the word “unsubscribe.” Next thing you know, you’ve missed every automated email from your bank and accidentally subscribed to another month of Netflix.

You could use the built-in categories, like Gmail’s inbox tabs or Outlook’s focused inbox, but those are too broad to be helpful.

You could use your spam filter, but it does the bare minimum and somehow still messes it up.

Email is too important to get wrong, but your time is too important to waste. There has to be a better way.
Email is too important to get wrong.
But your time is too important to waste.

Let’s make your inbox fit you again.

Writing a bunch of filter rules can only get you so far. But we think filters can be a lot more useful.

So we made better ones.

Let us be clear: we made these ourselves. Not your email provider, not a third party, not a sentient AI. Just a group of real humans with a handful of boolean operators and a lot of email knowledge.

And these filters work.

We’re email nerds and we build filters for fun. So you don’t have to.

Get the last filters you'll ever need.

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