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Introducing InMoat

InMoat is an email extension that gives you control over your inbox. Using AI-powered smart filters, InMoat will organize unsolicited and unwanted emails as they enter your inbox. This leaves you with more time to focus on what matters. A more organized inbox removes distractions, allowing you to concentrate on reading and responding to the emails and threads most important to you.

Why did we create InMoat?

We created inMoat with one goal in mind: to help knowledge workers, business professionals, Journalists, and more maintain and increase productivity and focus, and ultimately, help them win back their time.

As knowledge workers, our time is invaluable. We don’t have time to waste on meaningless conversations and distractions. It’s essential to stay focused and organized so that we can solve problems in our respective fields. 

Email has become a time killer

Gone are the days where email was a valuable and productive tool that helped people get their job done.

These days, our inboxes are constantly clogged with endless sales pitches, automated marketing emails, unwanted promotions, spam, and even malicious phishing attempts.  In addition to this communication overload, email strategies such as Inbox Zero, which aim to fight a cluttered and unwanted email inbox by forcing 0 unread emails,  are completely ineffective. Inboxes are being used with the sender in mind. But what about the receiver?

According to Adobe’s 2019 email usage study, consumers said they spend approximately 5 hours a day checking email, with work email taking 3+ hours a day, and personal email 2+ hours a day. Our obsession with our inbox doesn’t stop at the office either. We’re refreshing our inboxes from a variety of times and places too: while watching TV, in bed, during work meetings, during meals, while driving -- and even in the bathroom.

This is because email is broken

Our email inbox simply wasn’t designed with the receiver in mind. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a smorgasbord of new “email productivity” tools emerge. Unfortunately,  these have mostly been designed to revolutionize the way senders – i.e. marketers and salespeople – operate and manage their outreach efforts.

Though email might be broken, the inbox has remarkable staying power. The technology industry is obsessed with channels such as social, voice, and augmented reality as the means for reaching today’s modern audience—and while each plays an important role in the customer journey—the Adobe email study did discover that traditional email is still very much holding its own among newer channels and technologies.

People and companies often forget that email is a two-way street. It's a means of communication. There is a sender and there is a receiver. And every receiver is unique and has different priorities.

Our take on email

it may be a tried-and-true, off-the-shelf product, but it shouldn’t be utilized with a one-size-fits-all approach. Every profession has distinct goals with a distinct workflow, where different types of emails will receive more or less importance. If we can remove the irrelevant and unimportant emails, then we can remove the distractions, stay focused, and ultimately win back our time. 

Can email coexist peacefully with other forms of communication?

Introducing InMoat

Email is still the “record” for any Web-based app or subscription service (even if it’s free). At the account creation stage, you are always asked for your email address. Even if you use social login (“Login with Facebook”, etc.), you are still guaranteed to receive some form of email communication from that platform.

As such, email can never truly go away.

What to do? We need to tame it, while still understanding its importance in both personal and professional communications.

What is the solution?

  • We need to shift the way we use email by erasing the noise that cripples our ability to use email effectively.
  • We need to be able to log in to our Inbox and immediately notice and access emails that are important to us.
  • We need to have lesser important emails sorted intuitively, and still be accessible when we need to read them.
  • We need to stop unsolicited and unwanted emails in their tracks by auto-organizing them into convenient folders to view when we have the time.
  • We need to gain control over what lands in our inbox so we can only focus on messages from contacts and the content that matters most to us.

The solution is InMoat, an email solution that puts the focus on the receiver. InMoat gives Journalists, Business Professionals, and everyone else with an inbox control over how they are receiving emails. By using AI to scan and filter emails, InMoat will ensure that you are only receiving emails that are important to you while putting an end to Unwanted email distractions.

Try InMoat today with a FREE 14 day no-obligation premium trial and gain control over your inbox.

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