Account Notifications

Every app, product and/or service you sign up for these days will wind up emailing you numerous times over the lifecycle of your account. Everything from verifying your email address from the moment you sign up, onboarding emails, promotional emails, all the way to requesting your feedback via a quick survey.  

These emails are necessary for sellers and providers, but they can be a real distraction to those on the receiving end, especially since updates about an account or service may or may not be important. 

InMoat breaks down Account Notifications into 6 filters:

  • Account Cancellations
  • ID Verification
  • Renewal Notices
  • Terms of Service / Privacy Policy Updates
  • Usage Alerts
  • General Account Updates

Account Cancellations

Email notices regarding accounts/services you've cancelled; such as cancellation confirmations and reminders.

ID Verification

Emails requesting you to verify your email address and/or profile from services you recently signed up for.

Renewal Notices

Emails about renewal notices from services you are actively subscribed too. This filter includes renewal reminders, renewal confirmations, and changes to your renewal service.

Terms of Service / Policy Updates

Email updates about legal changes being made to the terms of service and/or privacy policies from companies you are subscribed too. This includes, but not limited to, upcoming changes to terms of services, terms of use, privacy policies, data policies, user policies, and other relevant legal documentation.

Usage Alerts

Email alerts from services you use notifying your about your account usage and activity. This includes, but not limited to, weekly/monthly account usage reports, quota thresholds, quota limits, storage capacity alerts, and other usage/activity related notifications.

General Account Updates

General email notifications and updates regarding the products and services you are subscribed too.