Start/Pause Filtering

When you first sign up, InMoat will only filter emails once you’ve turned on your filtering within your dashboard. To turn on filtering, click on the “Start Filtering” button in the top right corner of your InMoat dashboard. 

How do I know if my filtering is on? 

To check if email filtering is turned on, log in to your InMoat account and check the top right-hand corner of the app to see if your filtering is turned on. 

When email filtering is turned ON, the button will be RED and state “STOP EMAIL FILTERING”. 

When email filtering is turned OFF, the button will be GREEN and state “START EMAIL FILTERING”. 

What happens when you Start Filtering? 

As soon as you activate your email filtering and it is turned ON, InMoat will begin scanning only your incoming emails to determine whether they match with your InMoat settings and preferences. 

Emails from your Trusted Contacts will never be scanned by InMoat and will always be left in your inbox for your immediate attention. 

All other emails received will be subject to your Smart Filter selections. If an email matches your Smart Filter priorities, it will be left in your inbox for your immediate attention, just like an email from your Trusted Contacts. 

As for emails that don’t meet your Smart Filters nor Trusted Contacts criteria, they’ll be moved to your @InMoat folder located directly within your mailbox. 

How do I turn off email filtering? 

You can pause your email filtering at any time. Pausing your filtering won’t affect your subscription. 

Note: the moment you turn filtering OFF, all new emails moving forward will begin to pile up in your primary mailbox as it normally would have before using InMoat. 

Need more help?

If you’re having issues or trouble with Starting/Pausing your email filtering, please contact us at