Choosing a Plan

While InMoat is a paid product, we understand not everyone has the luxury to spend their hard earned money on fixing things that shouldn't be a struggle in the first place.

That's why we created two plans: a Paid version and a Free version.

In this guide, learn about InMoat's Pay with Money and Pay with Email plans, how they work, and which plan would be best for you.

Pay with Money (Paid version)

The Pay with Money plan is InMoat's premium offering. It is an annual subscription of $99. The plan comes with a 7 day free trial, which you can cancel anytime. (Note: the Retro feature is not available for free trial users. To use Retro, you will have to upgrade or wait till your trial period is over and your card has been charged)

Does InMoat have a month-to-month paid plan?

Unfortunately, InMoat does not offer monthly subscriptions.

Why is Retro not included during the free trial?

Retro is used transactionally—often a one and done service. Therefore, InMoat can not include this feature during the free trial.

Does InMoat have any discounts?

There are no discounts to the paid plan, but we do offer a free version that gives you the same access to all of the paid features.

Pay with Email (Free Version)

For people who may not be able to afford the annual paid subscription, or for people who would just prefer to pay differently, InMoat has a free offering through our Pay with Email plan.

Pay with Email is what it exactly sounds like. Pay for InMoat with your emails!

What does 'Pay With Email' mean?

Rather than paying with money like most things we purchase in life, you can pay by opting in to give InMoat access to your historical email data.

What do you mean by 'email data'?

Email data can consist of metadata, such as the sender address and subject line, as well as content within the body of emails received. InMoat is specifically looking to identify patterns between email addresses and keywords in order to optimize existing filters and create new filters for all InMoat users.

InMoat is never looking for, nor are we interested in, any personally-identifiable information. We also never look at any data from your sent messages; we are only interested in the data from incoming emails.

Can you tell me more about the Pay with Email plan?

You can read more about it on our Pay with Email page here.

How do I select a plan?

After creating your InMoat account, you will be prompted to pick your plan.

Here, you'll have two options: Pay with money, and Pay with email.

Paying with Money

To Pay with Money, find the $99/year card (shown above on the right), and click the "Start trial" button at the bottom.

When you click the "Start trial" button, you'll be redirected to our Stripe checkout page, where you can enter your payment information. Once you've submitted your payment information, you'll be sent back to the InMoat dashboard, and your free trial will begin.

Paying with Email

To Pay with Email, you will have to opt-in to give us direct consent.

First, find the $0/year card (shown in the image above on the right), and click the "Tell me more first" button at the bottom.

When you click the "Tell me more first" button, you'll be shown a brief explanation of the Pay with Email plan, and you'll be asked to provide us with consent to access your email data.

To provide consent, click the checkbox, then click the button labeled "Start using InMoat for free."

Once you confirm your consent, you will have full access to all of InMoat's features, including Retro.

Can I switch plans later?

Switching plans as a trial user

If you're still in the middle of your free trial, you can switch to the Pay with Email plan instead.

To do this, find and click on the "Upgrade now" button in your dashboard. You can find it either:

  • at the bottom left corner of your InMoat dashboard, or
  • in your Settings page.
The "Upgrade now" button in the bottom left corner of the dashboard.
The "Upgrade now" button in the Settings page.

Once you've clicked the "Upgrade now" button, you'll see the popup below. In the popup, you'll have the option to either end your trial and begin your paid plan, or to switch to the free plan instead.

To switch to the free plan,

  • DO NOT click the "Begin my subscription" button.
  • DO click the link text above it, as highlighted in the image below.
The Pay with Email link in the "Upgrade now" popup.

Once you click the link, you'll be directed to the consent screen shown above, just like if you'd signed up for the Pay with Email plan from the beginning. From here, follow the "Paying with Email" instructions above to finish switching plans.

Switching plans as a paid user

Right now, there's no way to switch from the paid plan to the free plan once you've finished your free trial. If your free trial is over and you'd like to switch to the Pay with Email plan, please contact us for more information.

Switching plans as a free user

If you're a Pay with Email user and you'd like to subscribe to the Pay with Money plan instead, please contact us for more information.

Which plan is right for me?

To summarize, the paid version gives you full access to InMoat, and InMoat will not have access to your email data. The free version also gives you full access to InMoat, but InMoat will have access to your email data in order to improve our filters.

Overall, there's truly no one right plan. It all comes down to personal preference. If you are protective of your email data or don't feel comfortable because you frequently deal with a lot of sensitive email data, then the annual paid plan may be the right option for you. Alternatively, if you're not worried about your email data and are just looking for a solution to help keep your inbox clean and organized, then the Pay With Email plan may make sense for you.

If you have further questions or need help deciding which plan is right for you, contact us at