Inbox Insights

Do you ever wonder how many of your daily emails are actually important? How many are from people you know, or how many are promotional? Have you ever thought about how much time email interruptions are costing you?

Meet the Insights page.

What are Insights?

Insights provides a statistical overview of all your incoming emails, so you can see how InMoat is working behind the scenes and enhancing your overall productivity. Through the Insights page, you can review:

  • How many total emails you’ve gotten
  • How many were from your Trusted Contacts
  • How many were relevant to your Smart Filters
  • How many unimportant emails you’ve gotten (which were moved to your @InMoat)
  • How much time you’ve saved by eliminating unnecessary email distractions

FYI: your Insights will begin to populate inside your dashboard once InMoat starts filtering emails. To see results, check back 24 hours after signing up.

The Insights page in your InMoat dashboard.

The line graph provides a general overview of the emails you’ve received. The green line represents the total number of relevant emails that were left in your inbox for your attention. The red line represents the total number of unimportant emails that were moved out of your primary mailbox and into your @InMoat folder.

The pie chart provides a further breakdown of your relevant emails that were left in your inbox. In the pie chart, you can see how many emails were from your Trusted Contacts, how many were related to your Smart Filters, and how many were moved to the @InMoat folder.

Last but not least, check the statistics boxes on the right to see how much time you’ve saved by using InMoat! Read about our time-saving calculation here.

If you have any questions or recommendations for other insights you’d like to see, please contact us at