Collaboration Notices

Many SaaS products and platforms (eg. Airtable, Jira, Trello, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, to name a few) enable us to collaborate asynchronously with our colleagues and friends. While extremely beneficial to overall team success, the amount of unnecessary updates from these 3rd party platforms can hurt your individual email productivity. 

In this guide, learn about InMoat's Collaboration Notices filters.

Collaboration Notices

Collaboration notices are transactional emails that are triggered from specific platform when another person interacts with you on that respective platform. These are emails that are different than the bulk promotional emails you typically receive, such as 'product updates', sales promotions, etc.

InMoat tags and splits auto-generated emails from 3rd party collaboration, task / project management, and communication tools, based on the type of update.  

  • Accepted your invitation / Joined your workspace
  • Direct @Mentions/Chatters
  • Comments/Replies
  • Shared/invited you to join
  • Your files have been viewed
  • Request to join / collaborate
  • Task Updates

Accepted your Invite

Email notifications about when a new collaborator accepts your invitation to join your workspace, document, project, etc.

Chatters / Mentions

Email notices of your direct mentions, chatters, comments, and replies.

Assigned to You

Email notifications for when a team member assigns you a new task, project, or goal.

Shared with You/Invited You

Emails when your team members invite you to join and/or share a new document, project, task, etc. with you.

Request to Join

Email updates when new users request access to join your workspace, project, document, task, etc.

Your Files Have Been Viewed/Opened

Email notifications of when the document or file you shared has been opened and/or viewed.

Task Updates

Email updates about your projects/tasks, such as when you have a task due, task reminders, deadlines, overdue tasks, and when tasks are completed.

Signature Requests

Email notifications that were sent via e-Signature platforms, such as DocuSign, HelloSign, AdobeSign, etc, requesting your signature.

Who should use this Smart Filter?

Working professionals (or really anyone who collaborates online) that want to receive only specific types of updates from the platforms they frequently utilize, rather than all of them. For example, you only want to receive an update when a colleague requests to edit your shared doc, but you don’t want to be updated about colleagues accepting your invitation to collaborate. Or perhaps you wan't notices when someone comments on your work, but you don't want to receive task reminders. Whatever the case may be, you can now decide.

*This Smart Filter is designed for working professionals who utilize Third-party apps & platforms with their colleagues, and WANT to receive email collaboration notifications, such as new "@" mentions and chatters, new comments, posts, invitations to join channels, workspaces, projects, and more.

See a type of notice we're missing? Let us know!