Security Notifications

When you sign up for a new service and/or login to an existing service from a different laptop, you’ve likely received an alert from your provider(s) about some recent suspicious login activity, or an email requiring you to confirm a passcode. These email alerts can often be quite annoying, but they are important and critical.

In this guide, learn about InMoat's Security Notice filters.

Security Notices Filters

InMoat categorizes security-related alerts into 3 filters: New Sign-in Alerts, Password/Username Resets, and User Authentication Confirmations.

  • New Sign-in Alerts
  • Password/Username Resets
  • User Authentication Confirmations

New Sign-in Alerts

Urgent email notifications from your email/service provider about potential suspicious activity, such as "someone recently logged in to...", "someone signed in from a new browser...", or "did you try signing in from...".

Password/Username Resets

Emails regarding your account username and/or password changes from the products/services you use. This includes password confirmations, username confirmations, request to change password and/or username.

User Authentication

Important email notifications that contain codes that identify users requesting access to a system, device, or network; such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes and One-time Passcodes (OTP).

These emails are sent from the services you use, and contain a code that you need to confirm.

InMoat's Tip:

As a precaution, we recommend selecting all Security Notice Filters. We know email security measures can be a nuisance, but they’re essential to the digital age we now live in as they protect us from hackers. It’s best to keep them selected at all times just to be safe! (you can think of security protocols and systems as a necessary evil)