Linkedin Notifications

For many professionals, LinkedIn is the cornerstone of professional networking. You can grow your network and career, stay up to date on industry trends, apply for jobs, and stay connected with colleagues and like-minded professionals. But the byproduct of actively using Linkedin is an inbox filled with a plethora of unwanted email notifications, and it's only gotten worse with unsolicited spammers.

In this guide, learn about InMoat filters for Linkedin email notices.

LinkedIn Emails

While Linkedin is a social media network, we created a separate category due to the many different email notifications Linkedin automatically sends out to its users.

InMoat splits up Linkedin email notifications by: Connection Requests / Invitations, Job Listings, Marketing & Promotional Emails, Pages you are subscribed to, Unsolicited Messages, Direct Messages from Connections Only, Profile Views / People you may know, Sales Navigator, Trending News about your connections, and Updates for your Company’s Linkedin Page.

Connection Requests / Invitations

Email notifications about new connection requests and invitations to connect on Linkedin.

Linkedin Job Listings

Email updates about new job opportunities, such as companies hiring and job openings.

Linkedin Marketing & Promotional

General marketing emails from Linkedin, such as how to best use LinkedIn, feature updates, upcoming Linkedin events, etc.

Pages you are subscribed to

Email updates about the LinkedIn pages you're actively following; including but not limited to: company/brand pages, influencers, and hashtags.

Messages (Unsolicited)

Email notifications when you receive a unsolicited message on Linkedin. Unsolicited messages are from Linkedin members who are you are not connected to.

Messages from Direct Connections

Email notifications when you receive a direct message on Linkedin from a 1st degree connection.

Profile Views / People you may know

Email summaries about who is viewing your Linkedin profile, how many people viewed your profile, as well as email summaries of people you may know on Linkedin. These emails are triggered from Linkedin to help boost your engagement on the platform.

Sales Navigator Notifications

All email notifications from Linkedin Sales Navigator; including, but not limited to, incoming messages, updates about companies, people, or leads you are following, and general Sales Navigator account updates.

Trending News about your connections

Email notifications about when your first connections were mentioned in the news.

Updates for your Company’s Linkedin Page

Email updates about your company's and/or brand's LinkedIn page activity. This includes when Linkedin members interact with your page, such as likes, comments, views, etc.