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Your Trusted Contacts

What is 'Trusted Contacts'? 

Have you ever received a random email and muttered to yourself “why the F%*@ am I receiving this…how the hell did they get my email…”? Well, we feel your frustration. Here at InMoat, we’re also tired of being bombarded with emails from people and companies we don’t even know. 

That’s why we launched our Trusted Contacts feature. 

InMoat's Trusted Contacts is essentially your very own V.I.P contacts list. It’s an auto-generated list of known and important contacts within your network, such as your colleagues, clients, vendors, partners, family & friends. Any incoming email from a Trusted Contact will be left in your main inbox for your immediate attention. 

As for other incoming emails from unknown senders (*ahem* marketers *ahem* salespeople *ahem*), InMoat will automatically move them to your @InMoat folder based on your Smart Filters preferences.

How do Trusted Contacts work?

Upon signing up, InMoat's algorithm analyzes your historical email behavior (eg. email addresses and domain addresses with whom you interacted with, how often, etc) in order to identify your known contacts. Once identified, InMoat will compile your known contacts within your Trusted Contacts tab inside your dashboard.

Additionally, InMoat will continuously monitor for any new contacts and email addresses you interact with, and present them to you as Suggested Contacts-- which you can either approve or dismiss.

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Why do we need Trusted Contacts?

By enabling Trusted Contacts, InMoat can detect and deflect all of the unsolicited emails you receive from unknown senders. Officially putting an end to annoying unwanted emails. 

Ciao, spammers!