Social Media

Social media platforms and sites have transformed the way people connect with each other. We can communicate with people half way across the world, get live updates about current events, or even stay in the loop of what our favorite celebrities are doing. But the social platforms we use have also increased the number of emails we receive.

In this guide, learn about InMoat's Social Media filters.

Social Media Filters

InMoat's social media filters are similar to the 'Social' tab in Gmail, but more robust. With InMoat, you can decide what types of email notices from the social media platforms you frequent are worth receiving.

InMoat breaks up social media notices into: Connection Requests, Direct Messages, Your Direct Activity (Comments, Likes, Activity), and general Newsfeed Activity.

Connection Requests

Email notifications of other social media users requesting to connect with you. This includes, but not limited to, Facebook friend requests, Twitter follow requests, etc.

Direct Messages

Email updates about messages you've received on the respective social media platform. This includes, but not limited to, Facebook direct messages, Twitter direct messages, Reddit direct messages, etc.

Your Direct Comments, Likes, Activity

Email updates about activity revolving your content or content you've interacted with, such as comments to your posts, likes, replies to comments, reshares, new posts on your page, direct mentions, etc.

Newsfeed Activity

Email updates about general activity happening within your network, such as new posts from friends, photo's shared, current trends, new tweets, etc.

Who should use this Smart Filter?

Unless you're a social media marketing manager, there’s a good chance you don’t need to receive ANY email updates about your social media activity. You can disable all. There’s really no need to get notified via email for ‘friend requests’, ‘follow’s, or ‘comments’. You’re going to see these notifications and reply directly in your social media app anyway, so keep your inbox clean!

If anything, you can use the Newsfeed filter just to stay on top of what’s happening in general, much like an email newsletter from your favorite news outlet.