Retro Categories & Filters

When you run a Retro Session, InMoat scans and automatically organizes emails into collections called “Categories”.

Retro Categories are built on the similar keyword algorithms as InMoat's general Smart Filters. However, it's important to note that not all smart filter options are available as Retro categories.

Below is a list of Retro Categories (list is not exhaustive):

  • Finances & Banking Notices
  • Payment Notices
  • Account Notices
  • Collaboration Notices
  • Security Notices
  • Social Media Notices
  • Calendar Notices
  • Personal
  • Work & Professional
  • Newsletters
  • Conversations
  • Others
  • Uncategorized

Within each Category, InMoat provides additional filters that can help narrow results even further. Below is a list of all Categories and their respective Filters.
Note: some categories may not contain any filters.

Finances & Banking Notices

Monthly Statement
Historical emails from your bank regarding your monthly statement activities.

Credit Card Payment Reminders
Old emails from your bank and/or credit card provider reminding you to pay your bill.

Scheduled/Posted Payments
Previous email confirmations from your bank letting you know that your payment had been posted.

Money Sent
Email notifications from your bank and/or financial service provider about money that you have sent, such as outgoing wire transfers, bank transfers, or even money you sent to your friend via peer-to-peer apps like Venmo, Paypal, Wise, etc.

Money Received
Email notifications regarding incoming payments you've once received, such as incoming wire transfers from banks, or even money sent to you via peer-to-peer apps like Venmo, Paypal, Wise, etc.

General Bank Notices
This category entails all other general financial notifications you may have received from your bank and other financial services you utilize; excluding promotional emails.

Payment Notices

Receipts & Invoices
Past email receipts, invoices, payment & order confirmations.

Past email notifications regarding any payment refunds and reimbursements from merchants and services you’ve ordered from, and/or relevant correspondence.

Overdue & Late Payments
Past email alerts and reminders about overdue bills and invoices, potential late payments, or payment reminders.

Recommendation from InMoat's email experts: Review and keep only the emails from recent transactions, so you have them for your records in the near future. If there's a notice from a purchase long time ago, you can probably disregard it.

Account Notices

Account Cancellations
Past email notifications about services you’ve once canceled. This can include, cancellation confirmations, cancellation requests, etc.

Email ID Verification
Old emails requesting you to verify your email and/or profile from services you once signed up for.

InMoat tip: these are old outdated emails. You likely don't them. Clear them out.

Renewal Notices
Previous account renewal notifications you've received from various products and services you have utilized. These email notices can include renewal reminders, renewal confirmations, and similar correspondence regarding the renewal of an account's services.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Previous email notifications about changes or updates to the terms of service, terms of use, privacy policy, or other relevant legal policies, from the services you have once subscribed too.

Usage Alerts
Past email notifications about the account usage and activity from the services you use. These emails are often alerts letting you know how much you usage and/or activity had been used up during a specific period of time. For example, weekly or monthly usage reports for Slack. Your weekly electricity usage from your energy/utilities provider.

General Account Updates
Other general notifications from the various products and services you've once subscribed too.

Collaboration Notices

This Retro category does not contain any filters. It contains email notifications from collaboration, communication, project management SaaS tools, such as Slack, Google Drive, Trello, etc).

Security Notices

User Authentication:
Prior email notifications about secure sign-in confirmations-- such as One-Time Passcodes (OTP), Two-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) requests.
Often these are old email notices you've received when attempting to access other apps and services you are actively subscribed too.

Password/Username Resets
Previous email notices regarding change your username and/or password, including requests to change username/password, and username/password hints and reminders.

Alerts
Previous security alerts you've received about recent login activity and sign-in attempts.

Recommendation from InMoat's email experts:
Check to see if any of the security-related notices are recent. If not, you can probably clear them all out as any security codes and/or links to sign in have likely expired. There's no need to save security emails. If you do happen to need access to this information, you can always find it directly within the admin portal inside your inbox settings.

Social Media Notices

This category does not contain any filters. This category contains email notifications you've received from the different social media platforms you've utilized.

Emails can be about friend requests, newsfeed activity, trending topics, etc.

Calendar Notices

Incoming Calendar Invitations
Old calendar-meeting invitations that were previously sent to you.

RSVP: Accepted
Previous calendar updates from recipients who’ve ‘Accepted’ your meeting invitation(s).

RSVP: Declined
Previous calendar notices from your recipients who’ve ‘Declined’ your meeting invitation(s).

RSVP: Tentative
Previous calendar notices from recipients who’ve RSVP’d as ‘Tentative’/’Maybe’ to your meeting invitation(s).

Recommendation from InMoat's email experts: Clear all of these emails out. There's really no need to keep old calendar notices as most are likely expired and irrelevant. And in the unlikely event you do need to locate an old calendar email, you can always search for it directly in your email provider's calendaring system.


Past notifications regarding any of your appointments, such as appointment confirmations, cancellations, and reschedules. This filter is applied to any type of appointment, whether it's an appointment for a barber or a dentist visit.

Previous travel-related emails; such as previous hotel & flight booking confirmations, rental notifications, changes and cancellations to your travel itinerary.

Shipments & Packages
Old email confirmations regarding your packages and shipments; such as delivery notices, shipping confirmations and updates, delays, etc.

Medical Notices
Old medical notices from your doctor, medical clinic, lab, etc. These emails are often updates and messages sent from your prior medical visits.

Work & Professional

Job Apps

Docs to Sign

Customer Support


Previous marketing-related emails, such as newsletters, promotional emails, and invitations and updates to events.


This category does not contain and filters. All emails are previous email correspondences.


Emails to Myself: All the emails you sent yourself — these can be reminders, notes, business ideas, saved articles and information.

Emails from InMoat: all emails that InMoat has sent you in the past. (meant for Legacy users)

Automatic-Replies: Auto-generated replies to your emails that you’ve received in the past, such as out-of-office and away messages.


This category is a list of emails InMoat was unable to identify. These emails could be sales pitches, people you've previously engaged with, unrecognizable or readable emails.