Personal & Living

Like it or love it, we need an email address for just about anything we do online, especially in our personal lives. Whether we're buying a personal item online, booking travel, or submitting an application, your email address is required.

Unfortunately, your email is thrown on to a mailing list which is why you wind up with so many promotional emails.

In this guide, learn about InMoat's Personal & Living filters.

Personal & Living

InMoat provides filters to help organize common priorities and separates them from the typical marketing materials.

There are six filters that cover common personal matters and priorities:

  • Travel
  • Packages & Shipments
  • Medical Notices
  • Job Applications
  • Rent Notices
  • Utilities

Your Travels

Much like other online purchases, when you book your travels, you need to provide airlines, hotels, hospitality companies your email address in order for them to send you notices regarding your travel plans. However, your email is then added to the companies marketing mailing list which is how you end up always receiving non-stop promotional offers about non-stop flights to your random destinations.

How does the Travel Smart Filter work? 

The Travel Smart Filter identifies emails about your upcoming travels; such as hotel & flight booking confirmations, check-in/out notifications, changes and cancellations to your travel itinerary, and leaves them in your inbox for your immediate attention.

As for all other promotional offers from travel companies, such as flight discounts, hotel discounts, vacation deals, travel points rewards & offers, etc, InMoat will move these out of your primary inbox and into your @InMoat folder, so they don't distract your workflow.

Who should use this Smart Filter?

Busy professionals who travel often and need access to only the emails that consist of their upcoming travels.

  • Packages & Shipments

How does this Smart Filter work? 

It recognizes incoming emails regarding shipments & packages from orders you recently purchased; such as shipping confirmations, package delivery updates, shipping details and notifications; while excluding promotional offers from the respective shipping company and retailer.

  • Medical

  • Rent

  • Your Utilities Reports