Email Types

In this guide, learn about the different email types and filters.

Emails to Myself

Emails you sent yourself — these can be reminders, notes, business ideas, saved articles and information.

From InMoat

All emails that InMoat has sent you in the past. (meant for Legacy users)


Emails received where the carbon copy (CC) field contains your email address.


Emails received where the blind carbon copy (BCC) field contains your email address.

Forwarded to Me

Emails that have been forwarded to you.

Replies / Email Threads

Emails that are direct replies to your message(s). This includes ongoing conversation threads.

Note: if you have an ongoing email conversation thread, and the person you are communicating with replies to you in a completely new email message, then the new email message will not be identified as a Reply. Even if the content of the message is an actual "reply" to the subject matter. In other words, InMoat only classifies "Replies" if they are directly within the same email conversation thread.


Auto-generated replies to your emails that you’ve received in the past, such as out-of-office and away messages.