My @InMoat Folder

Your Trusted Contacts and Smart Filters can help make sure that all the emails you want to see stay in your inbox. But where do the rest go?

Meet your @InMoat folder.

What is the @InMoat folder?

No, it's not our Twitter or Instagram handle.

@InMoat is a catch-all folder where all of your less-important emails are neatly tucked away. This way, they don’t clog up your primary inbox view and interrupt your workflow.

What’s the purpose of the @InMoat folder?

According to industry reports, the average working professional receives 100+ emails a day, and an average of 70-80% of them are unimportant (like marketing and promotional emails, unsolicited sales pitches, random webinar invitations, and far too many more). With all these unsolicited and irrelevant emails coming in, many people are starting to experience email overload.

People are constantly distracted by incoming emails that they should have never received in the first place. To keep these distractions out of your way, we take every new email that isn't from a Trusted Contact and doesn't match any of your Smart Filters, and we move it to your @InMoat folder.

Filtering unimportant emails to the @InMoat folder makes sure that any email that stays in your inbox will be worth your time.

As a friendly reminder, we never delete, save, store, or modify any of your emails without your direct consent. Your irrelevant emails will always be left in your @InMoat folder for your review—they'll never be deleted unless you delete them yourself.

Where is my @InMoat folder?

When you first sign up, InMoat automatically generates the @InMoat folder directly within your actual mailbox. You can find it in the same place you find all your other labels and folders, right in your email client.

@InMoat Folder in Gmail
The @InMoat folder, shown in a Gmail account

Why is an important email in my @InMoat folder?

If an important email you were looking for was moved to your @InMoat folder, there are a few things you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Add the sender to your Trusted Contacts list

If the sender is someone you'd always like to hear from no matter what, you can add them to your Trusted Contacts list. From then on, none of their emails will ever be sent to the @InMoat folder again.

Learn how to add and remove Trusted Contacts here.

Check your Smart Filter selections

If this email doesn't match any of the Smart Filters you've selected, that might be why it was moved to your @InMoat folder. Check your Smart Filter selections in your dashboard, and make sure you've enabled a filter that should match this type of email.

Learn how to select and deselect Smart Filters here.

Let us know

If you've checked your Trusted Contacts and your Smart Filters and an email is still moved incorrectly, please let us know at We'll do what we can to help, as soon as possible.

Need more help?

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how your @InMoat folder works, feel free to reach out to us at