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A Guide to Smart Filters

What are Smart Filters? 

Whether you hate receiving annoying cold sales pitches, constant “follow-ups”, unsolicited newsletters, or random webinar invitations, InMoat gives you the power to regain control of your inbox. 

InMoat’s Smart Filters are intelligent email filters that automate the process of filtering out your unwanted and unimportant emails for you (Hooray! No more sifting through your inbox deleting annoying newsletters!). They’re powered by artificial intelligence (AI), specifically natural language processing (NLP), in order to analyze the content of your unsolicited emails, and to determine whether it’s relevant and important to your workflow. 

How do Smart Filters work? 

When an incoming unsolicited email arrives in your inbox, InMoat will instantly scan the content of the email and determine whether it’s relevant to your priorities based on your Smart Filters selection. 

If the email is relevant, it will be left in your main inbox for your immediate attention. 

If the email is not relevant, it will be moved to your @InMoat folder for your review at a later time. 

It’s as simple as that! 

*As a friendly reminder, InMoat never deletes, saves, stores, or modifies any of your emails. All of your emails are stored on your email client provider’s servers, so you never have to worry about your data and privacy

Why do we need Smart Filters? 

At the end of the day, it’s your inbox, so why let it get away from you? You, and only you, should dictate what types of emails are important and allowed to claim prime real-estate within your inbox-- not marketers! 

With InMoat’s Smart Filters, you can now simplify your email management processes (and save time!) by automating your decision-making process; ultimately leaving your inbox with only the pertinent information you need. 

What are the different types of Smart Filters?
  • Payment-related Notifications (ie: receipts, invoices, late-fee notices, etc)
  • Calendar Notifications
  • Your Travel Itinerary (your upcoming travel; not promotional emails)
  • Your Appointment Notifications
  • Documents Requesting Your Signature
  • Your Shipments & Package
  • Webinar Invitations & Upcoming Events
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Updates

Read more about each type of Smart Filter to determine which are most suitable for your workflow and priorities. 

Don’t see a Smart Filter that meets your workflow and priorities?

We’d love to hear from you as we’re always looking to develop more Smart Filters to help all email users be more productive. Shoot us an a note at support@inmoat.com.

Need more help? 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how your @InMoat folder works, feel free to reach out to us at support@inmoat.com.